Original Owner Representatives for the Trust were:

Cliffe Adams, Pita Ririnui, Turi Te Kani, Maihi Marsh Taikato, Pangu Cullen and Timi Watene.


Cliffe Adams retired after 25 years of service to the Trust. His retirement was announced at the AGM meeting in 2007 and although this was a sad moment for the Trust, it was a day of celebration and recognition for the work that Cliffe had given over the years. He has served the Trust with great dignity and pride and he will always be remembered for the commitment and hard work he had contributed over the 25 years of service.

Cliffe has given his undertaking to always be available to the Trust if required and he will always take great interest in the Trust development.  

Cliffe was the last original Trust member and his retirement is received and accepted with regret.

2006 - Current:

Development of Ranginui No. 12 Website:

This year will see the introduction of a Website for the Trust. The website will contain the History of the Trust and other important information. 

Paul Thomas and Anne Harris are assisting the Trust to put this together and their input and expertise have been invaluable. 

It is hoped that the website will be an important tool for owners and those who have an interest in the continued development of the Trust, and more importantly the preservation and maintenance of the land.


In Feb-March 2005, fellow Trustee Timi Watene passed away. 

A new Trustee, Marama Royal, was added to the Trust at the Owners AGM Meeting held 18 August 2005. 

The Trust now operates with six Trustees and it was agreed that six Trustees was a more manageable number for the Trust. We will continue to work as a Team and show Aroha towards one another. 

This Trust continues to operate effectively and efficiently and this is evident with the progress over the years and increases the Trust is currently witnessing. This would not be possible without the input from Trustees and Management Team. Credit and recognition must also be paid to those pioneer trustees who worked tirelessly to see the results we have today.


This year saw Paul Thomas retired from the Trust as Auditor and it was a big loss as he was very active with the Trust from 1993 to 2004. We received excellent advice, great guidance and expertise knowledge from Paul and he was part of a very successful team. 

A new Auditor was appointed from Staples Rodway – Shirley Seales. Shirley was introduced and accepted by the Owners at the 2005 AGM. 

2002 – 2003:

This was a very sad time for the Trust as we lost three of our Fellow Trustees one after the other. 

On 27 December 2002 we lost our Fellow Kaumatua Trustee Ruby Ngaki who gave us all a lot of wisdom, aroha and knowledge of who we are in our different individual whakapapa. She always said “Me Aroha ki nga tangata katoa be good to one another and love one another and love overcomes everything no matter what”. 

Ruby Ngaki was a very big loss to the Trust as were all our other Trustees who had passed on before.

On 16 March 2003, Fellow Trustee Manu Waata passed away. 

On 26 March 2003, Fellow Trustee Puri Tahere Walker passed away. 

In three months we lost three very valuable Trustees which is a lot to lose in such a short period of time. 

2001 - 2002:

In 2002 the Sponsorship Fund – Charitable Trust Grant was introduced. This grant started at $1,000 per annum for donations/sponsorship for the benefit of the community. A maximum amount paid per application is $200. 

In the 2003 the grant was increased to $2,000 per annum but the criteria for this grant remains the same. 

During this period, Steve Caldwell came on board as our Dividend Manager. Steve’s main task was to manage the dividends to owners and keep the database as updated as possible. Gail Halstead assists Steve with this function plus other administration duties. 

Steve and Gail were introduced at the 2003 AGM. 

Te Awanui Huka Pak Ltd Packhouse:

Our Trust has been with Te Awanui Huka Pak Ltd Packhouse since the Orchard has been picking their own kiwifruit. According to the records, we have been packing with them for quite some time.

The Trust has shares with Te Awanui Huka Pak Co-operative Ltd starting in 1989 - 1990 of 155,520 shares, with todays (2006) at 217,459 (10%) shares. These shares are valued at $4.60 a share which equates to $1,000,000. 

The Trust has a very close relationship with the Packhouse which is situated at Totara Street, Mount Maunganui and the Trust are one of the major Shareholders in the Packhouse. 

Other shares that the Trust holds that come through the Packhouse are; 
Te Awanui Huka Pak – 20,000 shares @ $1.80 which equates to $36,000. 

The MAORI growers have a very strong hold in the Te Awanui Huka Pak Packhouse.

Raumati Orchard Kiwifruit Production

Over 8.50 Ha

1999 – 2003:

The Trust purchased Raumati Orchard for $1,150,000. 736 No.2 Road, Te Puke and 670 No.2 Road, Te Puke. Raumati Orchard has two Titles. 

Legal description:

Lot 2 DPS 79642 BLK IX Maketu SD being a land area of 4.6590 hectares. 

Lot 2 DPS 20930 BLK IX Maketu SD being a land area of 10.3293 hectares. 

14.9883 Hectares – Raumati Orchard (two Titles) FSV $1,140.000 

In 2003 the Raumati Orchard was sold to Kim Weston for $1,200,000. Part of the negotiated deal was that the Trust keep the year 2003 crop. Kim took possession of the land on 17 June 2003. This proved to be a very good deal, considering what we paid for the orchard at the beginning.


Fellow Trustee Koro Pita Ririnui passed away on 14 June 1998. 

At the AGM held 13 August 1998, Koro Pita's daughter, Wakata Leslie Kingi was voted on as Replacement Trustee. 

Application was filed with the Maori Land Court 26 October 1998 and on the 3rd of February 1999, Wakata was appointed as a Trustee confirmed by the Maori Land Court. 


Business Plan Meetings:

This year saw the introduction of Business Plan meetings for the Trust. A meeting was held to discuss the Goals and Objectives of the Trust and how this would benefit the Owners/Shareholders in Ranginui 12 Block. These meetings are held every year in February 

It was agreed and moved as a long term goal: 

“To build the assets of the Trust around profitable horticultural and property investments for the benefit of the Shareholders and build a net asset base of $3.5 million by the year 2003."

This year also saw the first distribution to owners. It was moved: “That a dividend of 30% of the 1996 profits is paid to the Owners in August 1996, to include the $10,000 Kaumatua / Kuia grant and $10,000 for Tertiary education grants.

Dividend payments did not commence until 2000.

‘That the Owners agree to a minimum dividend of 40% of the annual net profit subject to financial circumstances and that both Education Grants and Kaumatua Grants continue’.


Introduction of Kaumatua and Education Grants:

The Trust introduced Kaumatua and Education grant schemes to enhance our Shareholders in Ranginui 12 Block – Ngati He Trust. 

It was agreed by the Trust that the Kaumatua Grant would be fixed at $150 per Kaumatua. Criteria for this grant was that they had to be a Shareholder or descendant of a Shareholder and must be on the current list of Owners from the Maori Land Court. Kaumatua who applied for this had to also provide proof of their age as this was also a means of identifying who they were and confirming their date of birth for the Trust records. 

The development of the Kaumatua grant saw the introduction of an entitlement level. The new entitlement levels are; 

Aged 60 to 69 years of age - $150 
Over 70 years of age - $200 

This scheme still operates today and kaumatua grants are paid out every year at Christmas time.

The Education Grant scheme was introduced to enhance our younger generation who were studying at tertiary level. Eligibility for this grant are:

1. They have to be an Owner, child of an Owner, a grandchild/mokopuna, great grand/great great grand child/mokopuna. 

2. In both instances they must be able to whakapapa back to the land before they were eligible to apply. 

When this was introduced students were paid a one off payment in March - April of that year. Once it was agreed to increase the payment to $1,000, it was decided to pay in two instalments so that progress reports can be received from the students. The instalments are paid in March and June/July of that year. 

At the AGM held 21 July 1994 it was raised by Trustee Ruby Grey that the korero tabled by Nini Hunuhunu in 1993, re the koha for the Marae should be considered. It was agreed and moved at this meeting that a koha of $2,000 be paid to the Marae for the holding of AGM meetings for the Trust. Moved by Nini Hunuhunu seconded by Ruby Grey. Motion carried.

1993 / 1994 / 1995:

During 1993 – 1994 Paul Thomas was approached to become Auditor for the Trust. Paul agreed to take on this position and at the AGM held on 17 of July 1994, Paul Thomas was officially voted on as Auditor for the Trust. 

On 26 November 1994 our Fellow Trustee, John Rolleston passed away. 

At theAGM held on 20 July 1995, the late John Rolleston’s son Bill Rolleston was voted on as a replacement Trustee. 

On 13 September 1995, our Fellow Trustee Bill Rolleston passed away. It wasn’t a long term for Bill to carry on for his dad and it was very sad to see this happen.

1991 /1992:

Hand Over Deed – Ngati He Development Scheme:

At the end of June 1991, the land pursuant to Section 53 of the Act, was subject to a change in the total sum of $2,492,019 (hereinafter referred to as “the Provisional 30 June 1991 Debt”) which is owing to the Chief Executive pursuant to Sections 16 and 9 of the Ministry of Maori Development Act 1991: 

The Chief Executive was prepared by way of partial forgiveness or payment thereof to reduce the Provisional 30 June 1991 Debt to the sum of $158,500 (hereinafter referred to as “the Residual Debt”) SUBJECT TO the legal Owners entering into executing and becoming bound by these presents. 

In 1992 after all the restructuring of our debts to Department of Maori Affairs we were handed back our Trust and from here we became Responsible Trustees to the Trust. Ownership was passed over by Department of Maori Affairs and Te Puni Kokiri with a restructured debt of $158,500 from an original debt of over $2M. 

During this year John Burke came on board as Financial Controller. This was organised by Peter Templeton. On 19 May 1992, John officially became our Financial Controller at an Annual General Meeting of Owners. 

Before the AGM we had a full Trustees meeting to discuss signing of the Trust Deed for the takeover of the Trust and the restructured debt that we were left with. This was to investigate whether we could manage or not. 

John Burke researched which bank would give the finance to pay this debt and help with the operational running costs for the Orchard. Three banks were approached and it was the Rural Bank that all Trustees agreed upon.

We retained Te Awanui Huka Pak Packhouse to continue packing our kiwifruit. All Trustees agreed and signed the Trust Deed, and it was at this time that our Kaumatua Ruby asked “that all Trustees work together in one mind together and with love toward each other” 

The final meeting with Peter Templeton was held on 16 June 1992 and the following were appointed to positions on the Trust 

Chairman – Cliffe Adams
Secretary - Emily Rota
Financial Controller – John Burke
Trust Solicitor – John Gooch. 

After the take over the Trust operated on a very tight budget. No Trustees fees were paid and a Ngati He Management Trustees Sub Committee was formed to deal with the every day running of the Trust. This sub committee met once a month. These meetings continued through to 1996. 

Emily Rota was appointed as Representative on the “Huka Pak Coolstore Pool Committee.” 

The Ngati He Management Trustees Sub Committee were: 

Emily Rota (Secretary), Puri Walker, Koraurau Te Kani, John Rolleston, John Burke - Financial Controller, John Burns – Farm Manager. 

Full Trustees meetings were called over this period as and when required as the Trust was operating very prudently with the finances. 

In 1993 full Trustees meetings were held every 2 months and the Management Sub Committee continued to meet every other 2 months to continue to pay accounts and deal with the administration of the orchard.

1989 – 1992:

Between 1989 -1992 the Trust operated under the umbrella of Te Tira Ahu Iwi Transition Agency - Te Puni Kokiri. We as Trustees were paid $40.00s per Trustee and travelling costs through Te Tira Ahu Iwi Transition Agency. 

At the Annual General Meeting of Owners held on 18 November 1990 Koraurau Te Kani was voted on as replacement Trustee for the late Turi Te Kani. 

1989 - AGM Meeting:

At this AGM it was decided that the Owners Representatives were not Trustees. A motion was moved by Brown Reweti to appoint Cliffe Adams, Pita Ririnui, Turi Te Kani, Timi Watene, John Rolleston and Pangu Cullen as Responsible Trustees. This was seconded by Annette Beadle and the motion was carried. It was also agreed to add more Trustees and this saw the appointment of Emily Rota, Ruby Ngaki, Marama Hawke, Manu Waata and Puri Tahere Walker voted on as Trustees. From this meeting it was submitted to the Maori Land Court for registration as Trustees. It was on 29 May 1989 that all were registered as Trustees which came under the Maori Affairs Act 1953 Section 438(5).

Our Fellow Trustee Turirangi Turi Te Kani passed away 15 October 1990. 


The Trust Owners Representatives operated under the Department of Maori Affairs and it was during this year that another Department formed from Te Tira Ahu Iwi Transition Agency. 

Transition Agency - Te Puni Kokiri was responsible for the operational and administration of the Orchard and the Trust.

12 November 1984

AGM Meeting of Owners:

The Owners Representatives were Cliffe Adams, Turi Te Kani, Pangu Cullen, Pita Ririnui and John Rolleston. 

The Department Staff were
P. Baddely – Divisional Officer Development, 
B. Walker – Development Section, 
P. Templeton – District Field Officer
M. Gordon – Field Officer
J. Burns – Manager

All were present at this inaugural meeting. At this time it was called Ngati He Development Scheme. It was decided at this AGM to add another Owner Representative, and Timi Watene was voted on and took his seat next to the other representatives to cover the Auckland Land Owners. 

2nd October 1981:

This date saw an amalgamation of blocks. These were Ranginui 7B & 5B, Ranginui 13A and Ranginui 5A2B. The almalgamation of these blocks formed ‘Ranginui No.12 Block’. There were 303 Owners registered from the beginning. 

The following Representatives were appointed to the Trust on behalf of the Owners for Ranginui 12 Block: 

Cliffe Adams, Pita Ririnui, Marsh Maihi Taikato Pangu Cullen and John Rolleston.

September 1981:

The Orchard Development began and John Burns was appointed as the first Orchard Manager through the Trustees and Department of Maori Affairs.

The Owner Representatives' role at this time was to set policy and the Department of Maori Affairs dealt with the day to day administration and operations. Meetings were held quarterly during the year with an Annual General Meeting in August. 


From 1979 we pay tribute to Turi Te Kani and Bill Ohia for having a vision and for seeking financial support from the Government for Horticulture Development. Their shared vision knew that there was growth in the Kiwifruit Industry and through their guidance, a decision was made to utilise our Maori Land for Horticulture. The land had no real income and was being used generally for maize on some areas, and gorse and peppercorn grazing on other areas. Ragwort weed was a big problem.

The initial budgeting and planning was done by Mr Gordon Bulmer, Field Officer for Department of Maori Affairs.

1950 – 1960:

In the 1950s – Victor Smith of the neighbouring property, leased the land prior to 1960 for grazing by dairy cows for cream can pick up. Tahere Puri Walker also grazed the land during this period.