Succession Information

What you are required to do for a succession:

  1. File a Succession Order application with the Maori Land Court where you live and the land Ranginui No. 12 comes under the Waikato Maniapoto District. NB: Succession Order can be done from any Maori Land Court in New Zealand. 
  2. Sometimes it is documented in a Will of your Whanau / mother / father / kuia / koro / uncle / aunty etc who was an Owner in the Said land or lands as mentioned in the Will. You would have to know your whakapapa to applicant that a succession order is filed with the Maori Land Court as this gives proof of who you are and to see whether you are the rightful person to file the succession order. This will would used as evidence to proof the entitlement of the Whanau Shares to you.  
  3. This land Trust is encouraging Owners when they file successions to form Whanau Trusts to prevent shares fragmenting to nothing then the Trust would become responsible on behalf of the Whanau to manage all the Whanau matters and clause that the whole family has decided to incorporate into the Whanau Trust. The Trust would receive all the applicable distributions / dividends from Ranginui No12 Trust and other land interest that is involved with the Family Whanau Trust registered with the Maori Land Court when the Succession Application Order has been done. This is a Whanau – orientated trust which allows the Whanau to bring together their Maori Land interests for the benefit of the Whanau and their descendants. 
  4. You can obtain more information from the Maori Land Court.

Please refer to the following websites for more information on successions, births, deaths and marriages.